We are emerging from winter. The season was not so bad after all. There was enough snow to keep skiers happy and not too much freezing rain to make everybody else scared. Climate may be global but weather is very local and personal. It’s a good time to think about how we fare as a small community; about what we come to love about a small community.

Who wouldn’t rather live where streets are plowed promptly in winter, where walking to most destinations is easy, where traffic is not a nightmare and where services are easy to access and friendly? Sounds obvious but at the same time, large urban sprawls dictate the way the world lives today. Except perhaps to those who live in smaller towns and villages.

We are blessed here in the Eastern Townships with a generous natural environment, a well anchored and rich history and the proximity of larger urban areas. So, we are not isolated far from it.

When the world is literally seized with incessant news of a pandemic, we can take a step back, reflect about the reality of the issue and perhaps take a deep breath and put some sense into the situation.

A smaller community is less likely to hold huge gatherings and be exposed to higher risks; a smaller community is also less likely to panic as it can rely on help that is closer and easier to identify.

A smaller community is also a closer community and nothing can replace the bonds that exist between people who know one another and care for one another.

We have many reasons to be grateful to live here. Let’s keep our community small, not in spirit of course but in sheer physical, administrative and political size because smaller is definitely better.