The walking path has morphed into a combined bicycle and walking path and that is causing a few problems. Without rules there isn’t enough room for everyone. Groups of walkers can spread across the width of the path; speeding bicyclists can surprise people from behind. It seems few modern bicycles come with a bell. The path provides a safe route for cyclists from Victoria to Foster. Riding a bicycle along the hilly stretch of Route 243 is downright dangerous. 

Walkers with dogs are sometimes unruly. Letting dogs off leash is a danger to both cyclists, walkers and dogs. Other walkers with sound-cancelling headphones are in a world of their own. It is only a matter of time until there is a serious incident on our beloved path. 

The town has put up new signs which may help. They emphasize that the path is shared – between walkers and bicyclists – and that we should all be considerate of others. Just signs, not heavy-handed enforcement, for now. However, there could be something even better. 

Many people might not remember this but the path was once a railway that was closed in the 1970s and taken over by the town. The railway right-of-way is 100 feet wide—it pre-dated the metric age so that is 30.5 meters. The current path is about three meters wide. There is lots of room for the town to expand the path sideways. Some nearby landowners have encroached seriously on what is town property. The town owns it: use it or lose it. 

In an age of infrastructure what a great project: widen the path.