By Jane Livingston (special contributor)

The Knowlton Literary Association invites you to its on-line webinar series on Indigenous Issues.  Featured are: Bob Joseph, 21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act; Paul Seesequasis, Blanket Toss Under the Midnight Sun (a wondrous photo compilation of eight indigenous communities across North America); children’s author Phyllis Webstad, with stories of her own experiences in a residential school.

The series will be live streamed with authors taking questions from high school students at Massey Vanier and elementary school kids from Knowlton Academy and Mansonville Elementary School.

If you miss the live streams, Paul and Phyllis’s sessions will be recorded and available on all the Knowlton Literary Association’s social media platforms.  For Mr. Joseph, click on the link for his interview with Steve Palin on TV Ontario.

Tune in:
Phyllis Webstad, February 25 at 12:45pm (streaming live to Knowlton Academy, Mansonville Elementary School and the general public).

Bob Joseph, February 25 at 2.35pm (streaming live to Massey Vanier and the general public).

Paul Seesequasis, February 26 at 7:00pm (streaming live to everyone).