After 92 years and three generations in the hands of the same family, F.G. Edwards general store has been sold.

The West Brome institution is now owned by 34 year-old Chanel Crevier, who promises to carry on the tradition of providing supplies to area farms and stables, and more prosaic kitchen items to local residents.

Crevier herself learned that Edwards might be available when buying feed for her own horse. “I was a customer and my horse needs the best,” she said during a recent visit. Crevier rides at the highest level. She participated in the jumping category at the most recent Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the country’s most prestigious, and she knows what clients expect of the store.

Behind a rustic, period storefront, the building houses small items in the original space – boots and socks, ax handles and candy, work clothes and Squirrel Busters. Heavy-duty gear like fencing and feed, drainage pipe, fertilizer and much, much more, are kept in two warehouses out back.

“The opportunity to buy came at the right moment in my life. I had just sold my old business and was wondering what to do next. I wanted a change. I was riding – I want to be a champion at Toronto and for that my horse needs the best. That’s what Edwards provides.”

Her show-ring ambitions are on hold for now while she navigates the existing business and expands in the larger field of cattle farms. All the while she pinches herself as what was once a hobby of hanging around stables, becomes her whole life.