The new three-year assessment roll was tabled last month by the Town of Brome Lake. As reported earlier in Tempo the average increase in property values is 9.3% and many residents foresee an important municipal tax hike.

Again this year, the town hired the private company JP Cadrin et Associés, based in Magog, to carry out the property assessment. The assessors will be ready to answer your questions at a special meeting that will take place on Monday December 3 at 6 p.m. at Centre Lac-Brome before the regular session of council.

Many residents have expressed concern over differences they observed on their assessment and that of neighbours. It is important to keep in mind that properties are grouped together according to set criteria in order to be assessed. The value of the most recent sales in an area is a criteria that affects the final figure.

After you receive your tax bill for next year, you will be able to contest – not the tax bill itself – but the new value of your property. In order to find out more about the process and how you can contest the assessment of your property, do not miss the December 3 meeting.