It will finally happen

The register held in TBL on September 14 on the Quilliams path borrowing bylaw garnered only 54 signatures. Five hundred were needed in order to hold a referendum on the issue or drop the project. It has taken 27 years to get to this point.

Now the Quilliams path – from Argyll Rd. to Foster – can be completed with three bridges through the Quilliams marshland.

A section of the 4 km Quilliams path going towards Foster.

We are not yet talking about covering the gap over Trestle Cove which would complete the path all the way between Knowlton and Foster.

As of early September, beaver dams had given way to cement blocks to allow heavy machinery to go through and start work on clearing the way for the actual installation of the posts and the three bridges. This is not expected to be done before frost, in order to minimize the impact on what is considered to be a fragile eco-system. The Quilliams brook is the main affluent of Brome Lake. The total cost of the project is estimated at $665,000.