Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: December 2016

Present: Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting. Councillor Robert Laflamme was absent. Fifteen residents were in attendance.

First Question Period – A request is made to establish a wetland habitat. Request to use the town newsletter for public notices. Request not to waste money on futile legal issues and to improve process for minor derogations. The mayor acknowledges the requests.

Administration – Council accepts the terms of renewal of the computer software contract maintenance for 2017 with ACCEO Solutions inc. for $89,803.

Public Works – The town intends to bring up to standard the paving of shoulders along Route 139 for 12 km between Sutton and TBL thus allowing for a bike path. The town will share the cost with the Department of Transport. TBL has set aside $31,000 for this.

The town will re-tender for a project to improve waste water services for the Mobile Homes Park in West Brome.

Human Resources – Council appointed Mr. Allan Bowbrick to be responsible for First Responders, for a monthly sum of $750. The registrar confirmed receiving the declaration of interests from the members of Council.

Urbanism – 476-478, Knowlton Road (Ex-Oddfellows): a request for the construction of a commercial building and a convenience store has been approved.