West Bolton Council Meeting: December 2016

All Councillors and the mayor were present. There were nine residents in attendance.

Questions – Articles on Mt Foster in regional newspapers were due to interviews given to journalists by one of the owners of the development. The mayor reported that there had been no change in the situation. The municipality is still waiting for a proposal that conforms to the bylaws. Several residents proposed mediation to find a solution. In situations involving the public interest good communication from Council is essential to avoid false rumours and misinformation.

Urbanism – Eight permits were issued. Value $68,900. Eleven inspections were completed. The Urbanism committee has responsibility for Cultural Affairs and has recommended that Council proceed with a formal application for Heritage Site status for the Blunt Settlers Cemetery.

Administration – The schedule for Council meetings was approved. Two meetings will be held on Saturdays.

Roads – Paving of Glen Rd by the MTQ has been completed. Sediment traps on Paramount and Cousens have been cleaned. There are new stop signs installed by MTQ on the bridge over Argyll Stream. Concrete barriers have been placed to reduce the bridge to one lane to avoid heavy trucks overloading the edges of the bridge running surface. Trees and heavy branches leaning over roads will be cut.

Fire Report – Three fires were reported; one false alarm, one car accident and a fire caused by a tree falling on a Hydro line. Cost – $1922.