Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: January 2017

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors except Ronald Myles. Seven residents attended.

The mayor thanked the staff of Public Works and many volunteers, the Laflamme family and Gerry Moar, who have helped on the trails and on the lake.

First Question Period – A resident thanked the town for all the work done on the Lake this winter. Another for the work on the paths.

Administration – Various agreements were approved authorizing the town to join in with l’Union des Municipalités du Québec for the purchase of goods and services for the town. An additional $15,977 is approved for posts on the linear path.

Urbanism – A subdivision request is granted for new construction lots on Gagné St.

Human Resources – Indexing for staff salaries set at 2%. Indexing for elected officials approved. Reimbursement for 2016 expenses for the Mayor, $298.00. Umbrella loan for vehicles for $1 million. Register set up for this borrowing bylaw.

Recreation and Culture – Grants were approved: $1,000 for Ruiter Valley Realty Trust; $5,000 for Paediatric Centre “Hand in Hand”. Applications to the Brome-Missisquoi Pact were approved for Knowlton Academy for the new Greenhouse project at the school and also for Brome County Historical Society.

Economic Development – In recognition of the significant economic development potential of widespread high speed internet and the availability of grants at the CRTC, Council approved a resolution to support projects from any local high speed internet provider serving the territory of TBL.

Second Question Period – On the cancellation of the Festival “Les Printemps meurtriers”, Councillor Louise Morin explains that the cancellation is only for this year.