West Bolton Council Meeting: March 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present except C. Briggs. There were 18 residents in attendance.

Questions – The municipality is studying the payment schedule for snow clearing around Dry Hydrants. West Bolton will get a report on the number of residents who use the Pettes Memorial library at the end of the year. Vacant lots in the four “ilôts déstructurés” can be built on without a CPTAQ permit. Residents can apply for a CPTAQ permit on any other parcel of land in the Agricultural Zone.

Urbanism – One permit was issued. Six inspections were completed and two infractions issued. Three minor derogations and two land use applications were approved. The Blunt Settlers Cemetery was approved as a Heritage Site. The first draft of the PIIA by-law was approved. The Mt. Foster ‘reserve for parkland’ was renewed for an additional two years.

Administration – Two members of municipal staff will take training for the municipal elections. A contract has been awarded for collection of garbage and recycling. Performance will be monitored.

Mt Foster – A proposal to the developer has been made by the municipality. It is a compromise between the original development plan for 61 residential lots and the present municipal zoning by-law. Public access to the lookout tower on the summit is included. Land not included in the lots to be approved for residential use will be zoned for conservation. A response has not yet been received. Any final proposal will be subject to public consultation.

MRC – The MRC is working on a plan to provide high-speed internet to rural areas and residents are asked to report their internet speed to the MRC. A program to attract immigrants to the MRC to resolve a labour shortage causing problems to industries in Bromont is also being considered.