Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: June 2017

The mayor, all councillors except Robert Laflamme and about 30 citizens were present.

Correspondence – The town is now officially accredited with Coeur Villageois by Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est.

Questions – A citizen asked that a speed meter be installed on Bondville Rd. between Montagne and Centre. Public Works will be informed of the request. Another citizen asked if there was a plan for road maintenance. Yes. The entrance to the town from exit 90 should be nicer looking said one citizen. Sediment ponds are not always properly installed said another. There was a question on costs for the roadwork on Victoria: the water infrastructure will be paid by users and the asphalting by all. The town is to receive a $2M grant and will borrow $2.2M.

Administration – François Lapointe was hired as temporary Town Inspector.

Land Management and Environment – Tabling of minutes from Environment and Urbanism committees. All requests for PIIA as well as minor derogations were approved.

Public Security – Tabling of Fire Chief Report. The MTQ will be asked to reduce speed from 70 to 50 Km/hr on Route 139 near Auberge West Brome as well as to ban passing and the use of Jacob brakes for trucks.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – Council voted to grant financial support to: Canard en fête, $15,000; Tour du lac Brome, $10,000; Chambre de commerce de Brome-Missisquoi, $15,000; Wellness Volunteer Centre, $1,537.50 for the purchase of an insurance policy; St-Paul’s Church 175th anniversary, $2,500; Ligue des femmes d’Inverness, $100.

Council approved the use of various public areas for: Canard en fête, Coldbrook Park on Sept. 23-24; Brome Lake Boating Club for its weekly races on the lake; Brome Lake Books for Louise Penny’s book launch in Coldbrook Park on Aug. 26; parking of Canards du lac Brome food truck at Lions Park on week-ends if all permit requirements are met. A request for a grant to build a gazebo at Prouty Park was accepted under the New Horizons Program.

Local Economy – The town purchased the building at 264 Knowlton Rd – known as Mill Pond Plaza – for $385,000 + taxes in order to create a public gathering place downtown.

Questions – A citizen congratulated the town on its seasonal bulletin and suggested including road works schedule.

Next meetings: July 4, 7 p.m., 318 Iron Hill Rd. Aug. 14, 7 p.m., 62 Davis, Fulford 

Traduction: Francine Bastien