West Bolton Council: July and August 2017


The mayor and all councillors were present.

Administration – New business hours for Town Hall are: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m. – except the office will be closed on Friday afternoon. Administrative staff work 36 hours per week. The road supervisor will work 20 hours per week, depending on need.

Environment – The IDEC water quality tests show that the quality of water in streams flowing through West Bolton is generally good except for one section of Quilliams Creek adjacent to Autoroute 10. The water quality sampling and testing contract with IDEC (Index of Diatoms in Eastern Canada) was explained by Councillor Vaillancourt and will be renewed. The 2016 report will be sent to the MRC and posted on the municipal web-site.

Varia – Meet your Neighbours Day has been cancelled due to lack of volunteers. If you have a surplus of fresh vegetables donate them to the TBL Food Bank. Contact Gary Crandall.

Question Period – Road maintenance is satisfactory. Keep up the good work. It is unfortunate that Meet your Neighbours Day has been cancelled. Perhaps a simpler program can be planned for 2018. Several access lanes have been built on Spicer and Brill. Have permits been issued for these? Is a permit needed for a temporary shelter?


The mayor and all councillors except Lindsay Tuer were present.

Urbanism – 24 permits with a value of $966,300 were issued. 15 inspections were carried out and three infractions noted.

A request for a minor derogation on des Hauteurs was refused, a legal opinion will be requested.

A legal opinion on proposed work on a property on Spicer Rd. will be requested. The mayor recused himself from the discussion.

Administration – Councillor Drolet was appointed Pro-Mayor from August 7th to November 13th 2017.

Environment – The water quality sampling and testing contract with IDEC (Index of Diatoms in Eastern Canada) will be renewed for 2017. Water quality from 15 locations will be tested at a cost of $5325. plus taxes.

Giant Hogweed – Giant Hogweed has been found in West Bolton. It is a large weed (1-2 m in height) with white flowers. It is poisonous and should not be touched with bare hands. It is invasive and spreads rapidly if not eradicated before it produces seeds. Report any plants to the Town Hall office. The municipality will arrange for the hogweed to be eradicated without charge.

Varia – Council has approved a request for a subsidy by Developpement et Innovations Haut-Richelieu to provide internet service. Bell Canada has proposed installation of high speed broadband internet service for houses in the Glen Rd area. Council supports both projects if they are compatible.

Next Meeting: Monday, Sept 11th at 7:30 p.m.