Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: July and August 2017


The mayor chaired the meeting in Iron Hill. Karine Fortin was absent. About 14 residents were present.

There were no questions in the first period.

Administration – A new generator was purchased in a competitive tender from Drummond Generator for $36,792.00

The mayor announced that there is a new agreement with Sutton to share the new Fire Chief role. This will be run as a test for the next two years.

Notice was given of a new regulation to protect drinking water from oil and gas exploration.

Planning – Approval of seven minor derogations. A garage was denied on Spruce. A subdivision and a road were denied on Rue Bellerive. The town supported a request to the CPTAQ to allow a pig slaughterhouse on Mill Road.

Leisure, Culture, Community Life – Our Weekends in Knowlton: $35,000. Aviron Knowlton Rowing, a non-recurring expense of $2,875.57 to set up a rowing club. Holy Trinity Anglican Church BBQ $1,200.

Second Question Period – Potholes on Iron Hill: Noted. Golf course in Foster: No news. Pool? Still awaiting a written response. Thanks for the donation to Holy Trinity.

Special meeting July 20 

Absent: Robert Laflamme

Administration – 911 – Will not extend the agreement with Sherbrooke for a shared 911 service beyond the agreed 5 year term.

New Tractor: Max Gagné won the competitive bid for a new tractor $150, 850.

Victoria Street Restoration – Tenders for work to restore Victoria were not accepted as both were above the budget. (Ed. Note: $4.3M half of which from a fed/prov. grant). Council will postpone. Group SM Inc has been contracted as the Engineer for this work.


The mayor chaired the meeting held in Fulford. Councillor McGovern was absent. About 20 citizens attended.

Correspondence – The mayor announced that TBL had received a letter from the government declining officially to participate in the funding of a pool. The mayor went on to say that TBL would consult with the Carke Foundation.

Question period – Why did Douglass Beach close? Not as result of sewage overflow. Was the Pool finished as a project? Of the $5 million to be raised, $3 million was to have come from the government. Makes this hard to recover from. Signs were blocked by foliage? Mayor recommended that the resident call the town when they see blocked signs and the town will respond.

Administration – An agreement has been made with Sutton to share three fire fighting positions, Chief, Captain and Firefighter. Agreement with Granby to allow TBL residents access to their leisure facilities.The tenders for work on the restoration of Victoria were all rejected as being too expensive. The contracts will be re- tendered in January. Many snow removal contracts were awarded. A $18,580 contract awarded to Forage Techni Eau for a well at the West Brome mobile homes site.

Issue of $3,189M worth of bonds by TBL for the financing of roads and various fixed assets.

Ross Clarkson has been hired as a full time firefighter. To be shared with Sutton. Fire prevention is the key role.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism – Council approved a $10,000 grant to The Celtic Harmonies International Festival; Harmonies des Saisons is granted $1,000; Yamaska Cancer Walk – $500. Public Domain usage: Cycling Tour “Challenge Townships” Saturday Sept. 9, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Optimist Club Road Block on Knowlton Road Sept. 23 (24 in case of rain) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Local Economy – Council supports the Bell project to improve local broadband.

Varia – The street of “Les résidences du marché” to be called Rue Jean-Lapierre. Various sales by auction approved.

Questions – More clarification on the Quebec Connected program. Request for more details on the Aquatic Centre. The Mayor will speak with CARKE first. What about the Foster Golf course?