Frank Matthews

Frank Matthews, who died at the age of 90, was a long-time Knowlton resident. For many years he was a treasurer of the Odd Fellows and an organizer of fund-raising campaigns. After he retired and moved to Knowlton full time, he was manager of the public housing project on Crandall for 12 years.

Frank was born in Montreal, though his mother, Lina Desgrenier, was from Knowlton, and he spent weekends and summers with relatives on East Hill. He worked as an accountant at Canadian National Railways. He took early retirement and he and his wife Trixie bought a house on Davignon Street in 1973.

“He and my mother lived in that house all of those years until my mother passed away eleven years ago in 2006,” said his daughter, Lynn.

“He was born on June 13, 1927. We just celebrated his 90th birthday at the Manoir where he was living,” said Ms. Matthews. “He really enjoyed it. He kept saying “I don’t know why there are so many people coming to visit me. Why are they coming to visit me?” We replied, “Well dad, you’ve lived here forever, you know everyone.”

Mr. Matthews was heavily involved with the Odd Fellows, and was in effect the manager and was at the Odd Fellows Hall every day. He was treasurer of the organization for thirty years and he and his wife ran the catering service there.

Frank Matthews is survived by his daughters, Lynn, Carol, and Allison and four grandchildren: Jeffrey, Benjamin, Matthew and Nicholas.