West Bolton Council: September 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present. 13 residents attended the meeting.

Urbanism – Three seats on the Urbanism Committee are available. Submit your name to the Municipal Inspector. Thirteen permits with a value of $460,800. were issued. The legal opinion on placing a yurt on a property on Spicer Rd was unclear. Yurts are not specifically mentioned in municipal regulations but the CPTAQ requires any residential building placed on agricultural land to have a permit. A minor derogation at 10 de la Tour was approved. A large patch of Giant Hogweed has been found near Autoroute 10 on Quilliams Rd. If you find any Hogweed please inform Town Hall.

A concept for limited development on Mt Foster was presented and approved. The plan includes; public access to the Lookout Tower, 75% of the entire property placed in permanent conservation status, a private access road for emergency vehicles and technical evaluation of the impact of septic systems on the water table. Residents are encouraged to review the concept on the municipal website and submit comments. A public meeting will be held to review the concept followed by a formal consultation on a final proposal.

Administration – The municipality will be represented by a lawyer at a CPTAQ Commission. On Sept. 20 there will be a meeting at the town hall of the Agro-Forestry Committee and on Sept. 29th there will be a presentation on nature and wildlife by a biologist of the regional forestry agency. See website for details.

Municipal Election – Candidates for election to Council may submit their names at the Town Hall between Sept 22 and Oct 6.

Environment – A small committee has completed a project to survey and compile the environmental concerns of West Bolton residents. The results of the survey will be published soon. Wild animals cross the roads frequently. Cars and delivery trucks travel- ling at high speeds risk killing the animal and damaging vehicles. The municipality should tell the delivery companies (UPS etc) to tell their drivers to slow down. An article in The Source will be used to bring this to the attention of residents.

Questions – All correspondence from residents deserve a timely response from Town Hall. Several sections of ditch have been partially blocked with soil spilled into the ditch by the grader. Legal representation at CPTAC hearings are a precaution against decisions that may be contrary to the interests of the municipality.

Next Meeting: Monday, Oct. 2nd at 7:30 p.m.