Letters: November 2017

Thank you 

I would like to thank the citizens of West Bolton for the privilege of having represented them on municipal council for the past eight years.

Working with six people with different backgrounds and expectations is not always easy, but I am proud of Council’s accomplishments and the position West Bolton is in today.

I especially would like to thank our outgoing Mayor, Donald Badger, for his 40 plus years of devoted service to the municipality.

Donald has been a mayor of the people, for the people (all of us). He never allowed us to make a decision without reminding us of our obligation to represent each and every citizen.

Typically, the majority of these everyday citizens don’t often attend public meetings. Rather they are mostly content with the democratic process and trust their elected officials to work on their behalf.

However, there are other “special interest” cliques with a different perception of democracy who try to put enormous pressure on council.

Under Mayor Badger’s guidance, we were able to see past this influence and work toward the greater good for everyone.

My hope for the future is that the new council will be equally vigilant.

Julian Tuer West Bolton 


Je tiens à remercier les citoyens de Bolton-Ouest de m’avoir donné le privilège de les représenter au sein du conseil municipal depuis les huit dernières années.

Travailler avec six personnes ayant du vécu et des attentes différentes n’est pas toujours facile, mais je suis fier des réalisations du conseil municipal et de la position actuelle de notre municipalité.

Je tiens particulièrement à remercier notre maire sortant, Donald Badger, pour ses 40 années et plus de services dévoués à la municipalité.

Donald a été un maire du peuple, pour le peuple (nous tous) Lorsque nous devions prendre une décision, il nous a toujours rappelé notre obligation de représenter tous les citoyens.

La majorité des citoyens n’assistent pas régulièrement aux réunions publiques. Ils sont pour la plupart satisfaits du processus démocratique et ont confiance que les élus vont travailler en leur nom.

Cependant, d’autres cliques ayant des «intérêts spéciaux» existent, ayant une autre perception de la démocratie, qui tentent d’exercer une grande pression sur le conseil municipal.

Sous la direction du maire Badger, nous pouvions voir au- delà de cette influence et travailler pour le plus grand bien de tous.

Pour l’avenir, j’espère que le nouveau conseil sera tout aussi vigilant.

Julian Tuer Bolton-Ouest 

Knowlton Literary Festival 

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the organisers and supporters of the Knowlton Literary Festival.

As a regular Festival goer I feel that it has been going from strength to strength and this year once more the committee succeeded in producing a wonderful line-up of fascinating and articulate writers.

It is always exciting to be introduced to new talent and I shall certainly be kept busy for weeks to come with the books introduced at this year’s Festival.

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful group of people who are prepared to devote so much time and effort to allowing us rural dwellers to experience the stimulation of discovery of new points of view through these writers.

Thank you so much.
Lesley Richardson 

Brome Lake