Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: October 2017

Micheline Croteau 

All members of the council were present at the last meeting before the elections, as well as some 30 citizens.

The mayor thanked the council members for their involvement and dedication during the last four years.

Filing of the summary of the three-year valuation roll 2016-18.

Questions – A citizen asked that an electronic speed-lowering board be installed on Bondville road near Auberge Joli Vent and that the 50-km maximum speed limit be painted on the asphalt. Later, the council adopted a resolution asking the MTQ to install such boards and paint the 50-km speed limit on the pavement.

Another citizen asked the council to support the retention of Bishop’s presence in Town of Brome Lake.

Yet another asked if there is a municipal bylaw regarding short- term rentals (airbnb). Not at this moment.

Administration – Signing of a partnership with the Brome-Missiquoi Chamber of Commerce.

Contract awarded to Excavation Dominique Carey Inc. for the construction of a footbridge on the Quilliams path between Argyll and Foster in the amount of $120,596.02.

Human resources – Confirmation of the employment of Marc-André Boivin in his capacity as project manager in the department of Public works and Technology.

Bylaws – Notices of motion given regarding some modifications to zoning, subdivision and construction regulations. A public consultation will be held at 6 p.m. on December 4 at Centre Lac-Brome.

Land management and Environment – Minutes filed by the Urbanism and Environment advisory committees.

Withdrawal by council of its request filed with the CPTAQ regarding it’s support to allow the building of a slaughter house on Mill road.

Varia – Council supported efforts being made to oppose the closing of the Horace-Boivin pavilion of the Waterloo CHSLD.

Council supported the project piloted by OBV Yamaska regard- ing the reduction of contaminants in the Yamaska river.

Renewal by Council of the TBL adapted-transport agreement for 2018 in the amount of $18,725.

Next meeting: November 13, Centre Lac-Brome, at 7 p.m. 

Translation: Jean-Claude Lefebvre