MADA survey
 – Our seniors forge ahead

More than 12% among the 65 year olds and over have answered the survey led recently by the Town of Brome Lake. The MADA committee (Comité Municipalité amie des aîné(e)s), directed by Elizabeth Dupéré and under the support of the Recreation and Community Services of Brome Lake, wishes to cordially thank the senior men and women who participated in this exercise. Moreover we wish to underline the cooperation from our local pharmacies, dépanneurs and volunteers. Without their enthusiastic contribution, the results would have never been as representative.

The set of questions was in five parts: communications, health and community support services, transportation, housing and security. The MADA committee is being largely guided by the information gathered for the development of a policy for the maintenance and improvement of our senior’s quality of life. In accordance with the five-part survey, the seniors have generously stated their immediate and future needs and expectations.

The MADA committee is now analyzing and prioritizing the answers to the questions and the very pertinent comments made by the participants. Once this analysis is complete, the committee will publicize the results. Be on the lookout, these will be published shortly. Our Municipal Council and the Lac Brome community at large will no doubt be very interested in the survey’s results. The information will be used in the short term to draft a MADA plan of action, and in the long term to be taken into account by both the contributors and decision makers who are keen to improve our seniors’ quality of life.