TBL’s structural issues – Our population

TBL’s demographic state and evolution was well recognized in the town’s 2015 Strategic plan. The most recent numbers for 2016 indicates Quebec’s population over 65 is 16.8% and TBL’s has reached 30.1%. Quebec’s population under 15 is 15.7% for TBL 10.8%. The trend continues.

We welcome senior citizens and our town is giving itself a friendly status for the services seniors need and the quality of life we can offer. Due to their availability to volunteer in local organizations, many of them, well trained and well educated are making a positive contribution to our community. This being said the other side of the coin must also be addressed.

A strong and dynamic community with a sense of belonging cannot go without young families. Unless we decide to let go, we will have to try to keep and increase the number of young families to stimulate our town’s economy and vitality.

To encounter the present trend our town’s administration will have to put together an incentive plan to attract young families. Any successful plan will take time to materialize positive results. Firstly, because we need the proper data to aim the right clientele and secondly to supply what we need to offer to succeed. This means that we must act now.

The demographic trend is clear and it is up to our town administration to decide if they do nothing and let go or take the bull by the horns with vision and fix this structural situation or you know what our future is headed for.

James A. Wilkins, Bondville