Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: November 2017

The mayor chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were about 50 citizens attending.

Mayor Burcombe introduced the newly-elected councillors and thanked all those who participated in the election. He addressed a special thank you to ex-councillor Tom McGovern who was in the audience. It won a round of applause. The town now has the official OK to operate the large infiltration gallery in its water supply.

Questions – A citizen asked that the new council provide more information and reasons for its decisions at public meetings. Another citizen asked what a “PPCMOI” is. Councillor Lee Patterson explained that it is a disposition to allow a particular project in a problematic location to take place without a zoning change. It will be used to allow the development of 125 houses on the former Club de Golf du Lac Brome. (See art. below).

Administration – Lee Patterson is appointed pro-mayor. The new council responsibilities are as follows: Mayor Richard Burcombe: administration, finances and human resources; Lucy Gagnon: environment; Ronald Myles: public works; Pierre Laplante: recreation and community services; Lee Patterson: pub- lic works, sewer and water, public security and communications; Louise Morin: economic development, tourism and culture; David Taveroff: urban planning and land management.

Land use and environment – Two requests for derogations to build close to the lake’s shoreline were accepted together with eleven various other requests.

The Land Use and Planning Advisory Committee (CCU) members are: David Taveroff, chair; Roger Hebert, District 1; Lyla Wilson, District 2; David Kininmonth, District 3; Owen Falquero, District 5; Lorraine Carrière, District 6; Steven Beerwort, Agriculture; Kevin Barnes, Affaires; District 4 vacant.

The Environment Planning Advisory Committee (CCE) members are: Lucy Gagnon, Chair; Pierre Fortier; Pierre Morin; François Pare; Donald O’Hara; Alan Eastley; one vacancy.

Leisure, culture, tourism, community life – Council granted the following financial requests: École Saint-Édouard $7,500 for the international program; Midnight Madness $1,700; Opération Nez Rouge $500.

December 28 – Fireworks in Coldbrook Park. Held on December 29 in case of bad weather.

Next meetings: Monday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. CLB Monday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m. at CLB.