Town of Brome Lake Council Meetings: December 2017 and January 2018


Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. About 35 members of the public attended.

Opening remarks – The MTQ agrees to improve 50km speed limit signal on the 215 across from the Auberge Joli Vent.

Questions – What will be done about fallen trees?

Request for small pumping station in Foster. The mayor will follow up.

What is the status of the speed limits for Foster Rd? The mayor advised the citizen to make a formal complaint to Town Hall.

Request for immediate action to repair Domaine Brome Rd. The mayor will follow up.

Administration – The Domaine Blackwood project will be municipalized. Approval to pave the shoulder of Route 243 for 5km between West Bolton and TBL.

Lee Patterson is appointed as substitute for the mayor at the MRC Mayors’Council. Councillors Ronald Myles and Pierre Laplante appointed to the Board of l’Office municipal d’habitation as directors.

Urban Planning – Approval of four minor exemptions. Hélène Drouin is appointed to the town’s Environment Committee.

Public Safety – Action is authorized against the owner of 12-30 Elm St for continual non-compliance.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – A sum of $1,500 is awarded to TBL Firemen’s Association for “Old Betsie’s” registration and insurance costs.

Local Economy – Purchase of building at 30 Lakeside for $460,000 plus taxes.


The mayor chaired the meeting with all councillors present. About 10 members of the public attended.

Opening – The mayor wished all a good new year; thanked Public Works for their work in making TBL so attractive for Christmas and for keeping the roads open in very challenging weather. He recognized the great contribution to TBL of former Councillor Signy Stephenson and offered her family the thanks and the sympathies of the town.

Questions – Two questions concerning road signs on 215 in the Foster area. Noted.

Administration – Work approved to fix a well in the West Brome Mobile Home Park, at the extra cost of $45,263; approval of a proposal to FARR (A Quebec investment fund) to help with the Trestle Cove Bridge Project. A number of by laws were modified to com- ply with the MRC standards.

Land Use and Environment – All requests for permits and derogations were approved. One stood out for 10 Freytag Rd. where a minor set-back was approved because the original house that had burned down had occupied that position. Christine Gosme joins the CCU for Knowlton Victoria.

A new practice in 2018 is to offer highlights of the monthly town committees’ reports.

Public Security – Four firemen and four first responders were hired in December.

There were 235 calls to the fire brigade in 2017.
A new lake ice safety sign is available.

Public Works – Busy 19 days of snow removal, decorating the town, opening all the rinks and setting up Douglass Beach.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – Reminder of the Beach Party on Feb 3; approval to support the hiring of one person at Renaissance Lac Brome $20,000; Brome Missisquoi Pacte approvals for: BCHS, Theatre Lac Brome, Knowlton Film Festival and Experience Embargo

Next meeting: February 5th at the CLB at 7 p.m.