Le Faubourg Lac-Brome – fewer buildings, more green space

Claire Kerrigan

Changes to the proposed housing development in Foster, Le Faubourg Lac- Brome, have been put forth by TBL Council.

Initially, the developer planned to build 51 single-family dwellings on the 64 hectare (158 acres) site of the for- mer Lac Brome Golf Club, at the corner of Lakeside and Foster Roads.

Following a consultation meeting with nearby residents last December, Renaissance Lac Brome suggested a plan that would see only 28 houses and a large part of the property becoming a nature park. The town felt that this would be too costly as it would lose significant tax income from a good number of houses.

Image source: RLB

The latest plan proposes a compromise: 48 building lots (average size just over an acre), and 1.6 km of roads would cover 53% of the property. The town would
buy three of the originally proposed building lots at the corner of Lakeside and Rte 215 making the area between the Tourist Off ice and the old Clubhouse building part of the parkland, – and it would be excellent for tobogganing/sliding in winter. The former Clubhouse building is zoned commercial and would be for sale. In all 47% of the land would be protected / parkland, much of it wetland.

At the end of an information meeting on February 19th to explain the latest plan, Council adopted the second resolution to go ahead with the latest plan.

There will be a public notice so that residents of the contiguous zones will have the opportunity to sign a register and, if enough people sign, the town will have the choice of holding a referendum or withdrawing the proposal.