West Bolton Council: April 2018

The mayor and all councillors were present except D. Vaillancourt. There were eight residents in attendance.

Organization of the “Neighbour’s Day Celebration” on August 11th, is well under way. At least one more volunteer is needed. Please contact reception at the town hall. A new bylaw concerning the awarding of contracts is needed. Good ideas are welcome from residents with expertise in this field.

Question period – A resident asked that the names of members of the CCU (Consultative Committee on Urbanism) be put on the website.

Mt Foster – The meeting with St-Etienne, Appalachian Corridor Association and West Bolton was postponed. It has been rescheduled for early April.

Inspector’s Report – Three permits were issued. The municipal land use plan is being reviewed. Several areas will be zoned as not suitable for mining based on criteria including proximity to houses and water supply. There is a provincial program providing subsidies for the replacement of septic systems near watercourses available until March, 2019. Free shrubs will be available for planting on riverbanks on May 12. Contact town hall for information.

Administration – Gilles Asselin was appointed Deputy Mayor until October 2018. The schedule of operation of the Ecocentres will be on the website.

Roads – A resolution was approved to engage an engineer to plan and supervise the road repairs on Foster Rd. Improvements to the section of Brill Rd just north of Foster Rd will be considered. Confirmation of government subsidies for the road maintenance program is expected soon. Shoulders along route 243 will be paved by the Min. of Transport to provide safer travel for cyclists. West Bolton will contribute $8000. to the cost.

Comment from a resident Yes there are many potholes in the roads. This happens every spring. Slow down and enjoy the beautiful rural landscape that we live in.

Next Meeting: Saturday, May 5th at 9:30 a.m.