Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: July and August 2018


(from the town’s minutes)

The mayor chaired the meeting with all councillors present. About 15 people in audience.

Questions – The town acquired two electrical car charging stations that will be installed before the end of the year.

Administration – Cynthia Brunelle has been hired as the new Director of Recreation, Tourism, Culture and Community Life, subject to a six-month probation. 

Legislation – Adoption of amendment to zoning bylaw 596-9 subject to eventual referendum.

Land use and Environment – Seven exterior modification requests were accepted. Council approved the reconstruction of a terrace within the shoreline at 509 Lakeside but refused the request to move a dock despite the CCU’s recommendation to accept it. The reconstruction and addition of 30 inches to a foundation within the shoreline as well as the construction of a balcony and patio at 627 Lakeside was accepted by Council. The CCU had recommended against it.

Recreation, Culture, Tourism and Community Life – Wellness Centre to receive a sum of $1,581 to pay for insurance. Santa Claus parade to take place on Dec. 1 from 12 to 3 pm.

Varia – A resolution was adopted to request the help of the Quebec government program to fight the Eurasian Water Milfoil, an invasive plant that has been detected in some sections of Brome Lake.

Questions – Comments about the cost of police services. Comments about Council’s decision to allow construction within the lake’s protected shoreline.



Francine Bastien

Pro-Mayor Lee Patterson chaired the meeting with all other councillors present. There were 15 people in the audience.

Correspondence – In answer to a request from Public Works, Quebec’s Department of Transport informed the town that it would receive a $262,855 grant to carry out road work.

Question period – A resident of Mt-Echo had a list of complaints about a neighbouring property, traffic noise and various other issues that she would like the town to address. Pro-Mayor Patterson answered that it was difficult for the town to intervene in such conflicts and it took a lot of time. Director-General Gilbert Arel added that the owner of the neighbouring property, had paid his municipal taxes after the town took legal action.

Administration – Council approved an agreement for municipal infrastructure work on new development projects of Faubourg Lac- Brome and Les Boisés d’Inverness. A sum of $202,096 was approved for preparation work on the future bridge over Trestle Cove on the footpath. The construction of the bridge itself is to take place this coming winter.

Legislation – As a result of the consultation on a zoning change that would have allowed the construction of semi-detached on the future Les Habitations du Marché project, the promoter, Gaétan Gélinas withdrew his request. Single dwellings will be allowed on the site.

Land use and environment management – A derogation request to build on the shoreline was refused; council approved a request to OK a construction that had not been built in accordance with zoning bylaws.

Public Security – Council asked the Department of Transport to look into the dangerous intersection of the 215 and the 243. The town is suggesting the construction of a roundabout to make the intersection safer.

Public works – A new 50km speed limit on dirt roads is coming into effect as soon as all signs are installed this Fall. The SQ should ensure its enforcement.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism – Council voted grants of: $1,200 to Holy Trinity Anglican Church annual BBQ; $450 for La Maison Au Diapason golf tournament; $250 for the BMP Foundation golf tournament. Brome Lake Optimist Club will solicit donations at Lakeside and Knowlton roads on Sept. 15 or 22.

Local Economy – A sum of $24,000 was voted for the production of a promotional video for the town.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. at CLB.