TBL Council Meeting: November 2018

The mayor chaired the meeting with all councillors present except Ron Myles (West Brome/Iron Hill). About 20 people plus a cocker spaniel attended.

Mayor Richard Burcombe announced that a special session on property assessment, with the assessors present, will be held on Monday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m. before the regular meeting of council.

An amount of $9,300 was awarded to the town in Small Claims Court for the illegal cutting of trees on Lakeside Rd by the owner Dominique Giasson.

The TBL promotional video “Faire danser un village’’ has attracted more than 270,000 views on You Tube.

Gilbert Arel, the Director-General, expects the town to end the year with a $750,000 surplus due to higher than expected tax revenues and to the non-execution of a project in West Brome.

Question Period – Residents of Montagne Street asked the town to adopt bylaws concerning Airbnb rentals. They described the noise throughout the night over six week-ends this summer. The SQ was called four times and fines were imposed. The residents asked that the town adopt bylaws that would penalize owners in such occurrences, as the tenants change every week-end and ignore noise bylaws as well as police interventions and fines. Another resident raised a similar issue. Council took note of the complaints.

A resident of Chapman Rd. asked whether a neighbour has the right to use heavy machinery on his property which has caused him trouble over the years.

A resident complained of the speeding of heavy vehicles on Bondville Rd. The mayor said he would call the SQ to install electronic speed panels to assess the problem.

Administration – TBL and West Bolton have agreed to share First Responders. The town of 687 people will pay for 15% of the cost of the service. West Bolton will also pay for the addition of an emergency vehicle for First Responders. The two municipalities already share Fire Services.

Legislation, notices of motion – Tabling of an amendment to the Nuisance bylaw 615 to “forbid smoking cannabis on all municipal properties with the exception of streets and sidewalks.’’The Quebec law on cannabis applies everywhere else.

Land use and Environment Management – Council voted 4-1 to approve a recently built pond at 570 Knowlton Rd. that is not in line with the bylaws. The CCU was against it. Councillor David Taveroff voted not to approve, indicating that property owners need to respect the town’s bylaws.

Leisure, Culture, Tourism & Community Life – Council voted grants of: $500 for Opération Nez Rouge; $1,000 for Lanterne Magique; $7,500 over three years for a children’s pilot project J’inviterai l’enfance .

Fireworks will take place on Dec. 27 (or 28 if bad weather) at Coldbrook Park.

Special meeting – November 13

The mayor chaired the meeting with three councillors and two in the audience. The mayor voted to ensure quorum.

Administration – Town Hall renovation contract was awarded to Athena construction for $1,493,525 including taxes to be financed primarily by a $1.2 borrowing bylaw over 20 years. This contractor, from Dunham did the theatre renovations as well as Sutton Town Hall.

The town will install civic address plates on rural roads at a cost of $99,000. Up to now, residents who wanted these reflective plaques had to pay $25 to have them installed.

A sum of $176,774 was voted for the municipal garage renovations.

Land management and Environment – Council votes to grant a minor derogation to allow construction of a residence on Cedar Bay Road in wetlands outside of the shoreline protection zone of the lake in accordance with the CCE and CCU recommendations.

Next meeting:

Monday, December 3, 7 p.m. at CLB

Budget meeting: Monday, December 17, 7 p.m. at CLB

January meeting: Monday. January 7, 7 p.m. at CLB