West Bolton Council Meeting: January 2019

The mayor and all councillors were present plus 12 residents.

The mayor thanked all residents of West Bolton who have donated the full $70,000 required to buy and equip the First Responders vehicle for West Bolton. The van has been purchased and is now being fitted with the first aid equipment required. A few more volunteers are needed to undergo training to join the team of First Responders. Call town hall for information.

Questions – Blue bin contents are sent to Sani-Eco in Granby, which is in full operation. Collection of composting in brown bins is going well except that it may freeze to the bottom of the bin in very cold weather. Several layers of paper in the bottom of the bin may help. Publisac has been asked to include the Brome County News when delivering to West Bolton. The property tax rate has been increased to 42 cents/$100 valuation due to increased costs of services, as well as equipment and programs required by the province.

Mt Foster – Meetings have been held with the developers to dis- cuss details of the by-laws that will be applied to the development. Three important elements are included: protection of the mountain; access to the tower and public approval. A public consultation will be held when the by-law is complete.

Roads – Dust suppressant for summer 2019 will be purchased through the Union des Municipalities du Quebec. This approach has reduced the cost of materials and application by about $7,000 per year.

Public Safety – A new emergency plan will be developed for all municipalities served by the Sutton/Lac Brome Fire Department.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 4th at 7:30 p.m.