West Bolton Council Meeting: August 2019

The mayor and all councillors were present, plus eight residents.

Questions – Some roads in the de la Tour area are private. Maintenance is the responsibility of the residents. A maintenance agreement with the municipality is being discussed.

Mt Foster – Appalachian Corridor’s campaign to fund the purchase of lands for conservation is delayed as the developers work with the provincial authorities to get all permits required.

Administration – One of the staff at the Town Hall has resigned due to ill health. A temporary worker has been hired until a permanent replacement has been found.

Roads – A $770K contract to repair Summit, Mountain, Lakeview, Mizener, Fuller and other roads has been signed with Excavation Désourdy.

Recreation – Agreements for access to recreational facilities by West Bolton residents have been signed, with Cowansville for use of the swimming pool, with TBL for use of all recreational facilities and with the Pettes Memorial Library in Knowlton.

Next Meeting: Saturday, September 7 at 9:30 a.m.