Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: May 2020

From the minutes

The meeting was held on May 4 behind closed doors. Questions were submitted in writing prior to the meeting.

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present.

Questions – A citizens asked that Town meetings be held on Zoom by videoconference. Up to 500 people could then participate. The mayor responded that the town produces a video summary of Council meetings. These will be more elaborate during the Covid crisis. The town is not in a position to acquire a new communications system added the mayor.

Another citizen asked that the Coldbrook path along the lake be reserved for pedestrians and that only small children with a parent be allowed to use a bicycle. The path is very crowded, and it is more difficult to observe proper distancing with cyclists driving by. The mayor acknowledged that the path is busier since the addition of the new bridges at Trestle Cove but said it will remain accessible to cyclists.

A citizen asked to put up signs on some main roads to remind people, cyclists and motorcyclists not to congregate so as to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The mayor
said that signs will be put up in some public places such as the Tiffany beach and Argyll parking areas.

On a related topic, a citizen asked that police be more vigilant when it comes to public gatherings especially when visitors are concerned. The mayor advised people to call the SQ.

There were eleven reported cases of Covid-19 in TBL since March 12 confirmed the mayor.

On a question related to the rental of cottages in TBL, Town Clerk Owen Falquero said that short term rentals are forbidden during the pandemic. He added that TBL is working on a new bylaw but the process is slowed down because public consultation meetings cannot be held now.

Administration – A $49,350 contract was awarded to FNX-Innov to carry out a geotechnical study of soil in preparation to the reconstruction of the Blackwood dam.

TBL renewed its recreation inter-municipal agreement with Waterloo.

TBL renewed its annual agreement with Renaissance Lac Brome for $45,000 and also awarded the lake protection body a $25,000 contract to work on the greening of shorelines.

The town voted to reduce from 15% to zero the interest rate on municipal taxes and tariffs until Sept. 30.

The town increased its credit margin from $1M to $4M.

Notice of motion is given for the borrowing of $340,000 to finance a new sewage network in the village of West Brome.

Land management and Environment – Council voted 5 to one to allow a derogation for the construction of a house at 36 Pine. Instead of the 5meter requirement on each side of the building, a distance of 1,5 meter will be allowed.

Recreation and Community life – Council voted to grant $1,000 to Maison au Diapason and $1,000 to the Organisme de Bassin Versant (OBV) Yamaska.

Next meeting: Monday June 1, 2020. Check TBL website for more details