Town of Brome Lake Council Meetings: July & August 2020

From TBL minutes

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was held on Zoom. Questions from citizens were sent in writing before the meeting.

Questions – The confusion and chaos at Douglass Beach at the beginning of the season is of concern to many residents who wished the beach had been accessible to residents only.

Parking tickets were issued to those who parked illegally on the streets close to the beach and a security service was hired to control access. A parking area is now reserved for residents.

Land use and Environment Management – Council accepted a derogation to allow a new development at 438 Knowlton Road to have parking areas that are up to 20% larger than what is permitted by law. There were three derogations to allow construction within the shorelines.

Public Security – Council asked the MTQ for speed limitation from 90 to 70 Km on Rte 104 between 600 Knowlton Rd. and Barnes Rd.

Local economy and tourism – Council voted to reimburse (from Sept. 2020 to Sept. 2023) the cost of interest incurred by businesses on loans obtained under emergency help by the CLD.


Francine Bastien

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors present. There were about 25 people in the audience. This was the first public session held in person since March.

Questions – A Fulford resident is still awaiting the arrival of High Speed internet (HSI) in his neighbourhood. Councillor Lee Paterson explained that Bell is slowing down the process by delaying access to its poles. The MRC is still working on its HSI access but cannot provide a firm date for now. To a question about the poor state of Fulford Road, the mayor said that 14 culverts will be replaced in the coming 7 to 8 weeks.

A citizen asked when the town will “force’’ the observance of its bylaws by waterfront residents; he said 177 of them refuse to observe bylaws on shoreline protection. The mayor replied that there are 12 priority cases, the “worst ones’’ he said. The town is looking into it.

The situation at Tiffany and Douglass beaches raised concerns.

Administration – Contracts totalling more than $353,000 were awarded for the replacement of culverts on roads throughout the municipality. The town benefits from a 70% grant from Quebec for this upgrade.

TBL signed a partnership contract with Action Communautaire Lac-Brome for certain services that used to be provided by Community Services before its dissolution.

Land use and environment management – The value of permits issued keeps increasing. It reached $19M this year compared to $16M at same time last year. Subdivision application is granted for a nine and a 12-dwelling building at 324 Knowlton Road.

Public Security – Requests to the MTQ for pedestrian walkways on Rte 243 on the walking path, at 592 Lakeside across from the Suites Lac-Brome hotel and across 514 Bondville Road on Rte 215 in the Inverness area.

Leisure, Culture and Community Life – The bicycle race “Les 100 à B7’’ will take place on Sept. 26-27.

Questions, 2nd period – A resident asked what the town is doing to deal with the lack of medical doctors? The mayor answered that in April only 9 doctors were available when 20 were required. “Something must be done to attract doctors here’’ he said. Discussions with the CIUSS are underway.

Next meeting: Tues. Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. at CLB