Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: September 2020

After reviewing years of reporting on TBL council meetings, Tempo is adopting a new approach to its coverage. Now that the verbatim of the meeting is widely available online, Tempo will focus on issues of more immediate concern to the population.

Many TBL citizens have no doctors and access to walk-in clinics is proving more difficult. To a question on that issue, Mayor Richard Burcombe revealed that he had just received a letter from local health authorities. No change in the situation and no change on the government’s position that it cannot force doctors to come to Knowlton. Would a petition help? Maybe said Burcombe but it would have to be signed by thousands of people to have any significant effect…maybe.

Noise, noise, noise. This is a major nuisance for many residents. The noise caused by some Airbnb renters and the noise caused by fireworks late at night. Citizens are impatient for the town to act. “A bylaw is in the works concerning Airbnb,” said Town Clerk Owen Falquero. It will be tabled at the October Council meeting. It will be followed by a public consultation. It could then be adopted before the end of the year.

The TBL eco-centre’s future questioned. A long exchange took place between a citizen and the mayor on why the TBL eco-centre was closed when the one in Waterloo, for example, remained open. Mayor Richard Burcombe questioned the need for an eco-centre in TBL when other local centres offer a more widely accessible service. On other issues

The white and blue building at 30 Lakeside will be demolished (planned for Sept. 21) by Desourdy Excavation at a cost of $72,807 plus taxes.

And, yes, winter is coming, so the town will buy 3,000 tonnes of winter abrasives at a cost of $35,000 plus taxes from Allard & Allard. Snow clearing contracts were awarded for East Hill, Fulford and Foster at a cost of $550,000 for three years.

Another sign of winter: the Santa Claus parade will take place on Saturday, Dec. 5 on the usual Victoria, Knowlton and Lakeside roads. The Town Clerk Owen Falquero will be interim Director of Land and Environment Management during Lucy Edwards’ sick leave.

Get ready to stop at dangerous intersections. Street lights will be installed on Rte 104 at the intersection of Rte 139 in West Brome, and four stops will be erected on Route 215 and Mill Road.

The Consultative Committee on Urbanism (CCU) is getting two new members: Laura Kolbe, East Hill and Daniel Aucoin, Knowlton- Lakeside. A special thank you was addressed to David Kinninmonth who stepped down from the committee after many years of service.

More borrowing

The town wants to borrow $3M for road reconstruction over the next three years. Another $500,000 will be needed to finance the new sewage system in West Brome. Auberge West Brome is to pay for its connection.

And a little relief… No interest or penalty on late municipal tax payments until the end of the year.

Next Meeting: Monday Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. at CLB.