West Bolton Council Meeting – March 2021

All councillors except the mayor were present by Zoom.

Question Periods – Material collected from blue recycling bins was blowing out of the truck. If this happens again, please phone Town Hall immediately and take a picture to enable the town to show the contractor what is happening. Access to hiking trails in the area is open to all local residents. It is not practical to attempt to charge a fee to non-residents.

Urbanism – Sixteen permits were issued with a value of $1,115,000.
Note: A special meeting was held on Feb 24 to approve a building permit for a house on 9 Fuller Rd and to relocate a house at 18 Tuer Rd.

Administration – Internexe has installed a new high-speed internet system at town hall.

Environment – During 2020 the water quality was tested in six streams in West Bolton using the IDEC system. IDEC identifies the species of single cell diatoms which live on the surface of stones in the water. Diatoms are very sensitive to water quality. The average water quality in the six streams was 74.6 in 2015 and is now 85.1. This is attributed to increased protection of riparian reserves and better control of erosion. Property owners are encouraged to keep up the good work. Clean water in our streams supply clean water to the aquifers for our wells and deliver clean water to Brome Lake. The report will be posted on the municipal website. An agreement has been signed with ACA and St-Étienne to manage the paths on Mt Foster and maintain the “Scout Tower” on the summit. All local residents will have access to the paths and the Tower without charge.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 12th at 7:30 p.m.