Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting – May 2021

By Katherine Jacques 

Question period – A few issues were brought up concerning noise and speeding on Lakeside. The town responded with the following information: this summer, parking is prohibited at Tiffany Beach between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. In 2018 the SQ gave out 210 tickets, in 2019 it was 380 and in 2020 it was 398. 

The bike path crosswalk on Lakeside has been allowed by the Minister of Transport as long as it is perpendicular to the road in question. It is currently at a 45-degree angle and so work will need to be done on the east side to make this feasible. 

A citizen requested that the town consider retaining and improving on the nature of the current impoundment of Mill Pond. She hopes the town will keep it as a wildlife preserve with elevated board walks, viewing points, and information displays. The town said they have no plans to dredge this year and will consider all recommendations. 

Municipal Inspector – Andréanne Ouellette has been hired as the new Municipal Inspector for Urbanism and the Environment after the departure of Tommy Cioc. The town took time to thank Cioc for all his work and wish him luck in his new role at the MRC. 

Buy Local – Following provincial regulatory guidelines, the town adopted a purchasing policy that would favour buying goods and services from Quebec-based companies. If the product or service does not meet the required needs of the town, they then would look out of province. 

New construction on Knowlton Road – The SAQ will be gaining two neighbours if all goes well. Dollarama will be building to the East once they get all their permits, and they add native plants along the wetland on their property. Two residential buildings are planned for the West side. One will have 8 units and the other 6 units. 

Transport Minister Requests – The council will be sending requests to the MTQ to change the speed from 70 to 50km/hr on Knowlton Road between Moffat and Tibbits Hill as well as on route 139 from 151 to 173, chemin West-Brome. The Knowlton Golf Club has requested a crosswalk for golf carts and golfers on Lakeside. 

Economic Development – Virgin Hill will be the first recipient of the Facade Renovation Assistance Program. 

Next meeting: June 7 at 7 p.m. (Zoom)