Dorothy (Dodi) Hornig

Lime green was Dodi Hornig’s favourite colour. Dodi, who has died at the age of 74, even drove a lime green car that always had a different nickname.  Dodi lived in Knowlton for more than 15 years after a 29-year career in banking. She worked for many years at Knowlton House, where her training as a nurse was helpful. 

“She was incredibly empathetic, and her skills were with people,” said her sister Debbie Hornig. 

For two years, Dodi was manager of the Lakeview Hotel and worked at Brome Lake Books for a while. When she was semi-retired, she kept busy taking care of people’s houses when they were on vacation as well as their dogs, cats and even a rabbit. She loved animals. Dorothy Hornig, always known as Dodi, was born in Glen Cove, New York, on New Year’s Eve 1946. Her mother, Dorothy Jacobs, a nursing student from Winnipeg, met her American husband George while he was studying medicine at McGill. When Dodi’s father died in the early 1950s, her mother remarried a Canadian, Jack Macintosh. The family moved to a property on Sargent’s Bay on Lake Memphremagog, where she and her sisters Diane and Debbie lived an idyllic life. 

Dodi studied at a college in the United States and then took nursing in Montreal, like her mother. “She decided nursing was not for her and started work at the Royal Bank, in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto,” said her sister Debbie. Dodi Hornig was an open, friendly person with a sharp sense of humour. She kept in close touch with her classmates from boarding school at Compton, several of whom live locally. 

She died on June 25 after a brief illness. She is survived by her sisters Diane Stevenson and Debbie Hornig.