West Bolton Council – September

Mayor Drolet and Pro-mayor Vaillancourt were absent. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Pouliot.

Due to the absence of Mayor Drolet and Councillor Vaillancourt the agenda was amended to postpone discussion of several important items of business until a special meeting of Council scheduled for Thursday 23rd of September. The meeting opened with a question period.

Question Period – Several residents asked why the municipality was proposing to make an offer to purchase property near the Thirsty Boot on Bolton Pass Rd. before a public consultation on the site and cost of a new town hall. The property can be used as a park and if necessary as a site for a new town hall. No information was available on the price of the lot.

An alternative solution would be to purchase a parcel of the hay field adjacent to the present town hall to provide additional land required to expand the existing building. Getting CPTAQ approval to use it for non-agricultural purposes may be difficult.

Speeding on municipal roads was also discussed. The municipality may lower the speed limit on several of the main roads. This may not be effective unless the SQ finally agrees to patrol the municipal roads. Over the years there have been several meetings with the SQ to request action. Perhaps if residents petition the provincial government the SQ may finally take action.

At this point one of the councillors lost Zoom connection to the meeting. There was no longer the quorum required to continue the meeting and council reluctantly adjourned the meeting.

Public Health – A public consultation on Municipal Family Policy and MADA will be held on Saturday, November 20, 2021 at Buchanan Hall in the TBL Community Centre. Please check the West Bolton website for time and agenda.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 23, at 7:30 p.m.