Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: October 2021

Katherine Jacques 

Reports – The three-year evaluation roll was tabled and is available for consultation on the TBL website at graphic matrix. Search in top left corner by entering your address. 

The budget comparison was also tabled showing that 2021 should end with a surplus. This can be explained by the exceptional increase in permits and new house purchases as well as the government subsidies that were given out due to COVID-19. 

Inverness Development 

The council meeting had many citizens with questions about the Inverness development projects. There seems to be an environmental study and other such movement happening. No requests have been made to the town at this point. The mayor reiterated his past statement that once there is a project on the table, we will be able to discuss it with all citizens involved. Until then, there is nothing to be done. 


There was a question about the placement of buoys and if more should be added. The town is planning to publish a new map with additional data about reeds and placement of buoys. It should be available for next summer. 

Town projects 

There is a preliminary study that has been requested for road- work in the Knowlton village. The plan is to repave the remaining part of Route 104 and investigate the burying of the hydro lines and improvements to water and sewage pipes. 

The town continues to invest in new generators to prevent the pumping stations from overflowing in case of power failures. 

The council approved a new cultural policy covering the next five years with the theme: Culture at heart: Working together for a rich and thriving cultural life. The policy is available for consultation on the web site or at the town hall. 

Human Resources 

Jean-Philippe Roy has been promoted to foreman at Public Works and Technical Services 

Cynthia Brunelle, director of Recreation, Tourism, Culture, and Community Life, has left on maternity leave and will, during her absence, be replaced by Martin Lussier.

Sculpture Donation 

A Brome Lake couple has made a generous donation of sculptures to enhance the town. Since these have to be expertly moved and installed, contracts have been awarded in the amount of $60,000 to professionals in this field. 

Next meeting: Monday Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome