Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting : November 2021

Katherine Jacques 

Members of council 

A special thank you to Ronald Myles for his eight years on council and David Taveroff for his four years. The mayor thanked them for their engagement in serving the public. Welcome to the new members: West Brome/Iron Hill is now represented by Shelley Judge and Foster by Patrick Ouvrard. 


• Richard Burcombe: Administration, Finance, Economic Development, Human Resources 

• Louise Morin: Environment, Human Resources
• Shelley Judge: Public Works
• Pierre Laplante: Recreation and Community services
• Patrick Ouvrard: Fire & Public Security, Nautical Security, OMH 

• Lucy Gagnon: Tourism & Culture, Human Resources
• Lee Patterson: Land Management (Urbanism), Communications, Human Resources 

More details 

Permission was given to enlarge the entrance to Camlen’s warehouse on the corner of Victoria and Knowlton Road to improve circulation and road security. The town has agreed to purchase the Christmas nutcrackers from the Brome Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce. They will be distributed at the beginning of December. The results of the Short-Term Rental survey are being compiled and the process of reviewing the current regulations will begin in the new year. The plan is to have something in place for summer 2022. 

Protecting the Environment 

A citizen voiced his worries about excessive tree cutting on properties that are close to the lake. Currently the fines are $100-200 per tree with a maximum of $5-15K depending upon the size of property. He made a proposal to review the fines so that they were proportional according to the value of the property. 

Human Resources 

Derek Salisbury has been promoted to the vacant position of Coordinator at Public Works and Technical Services 

Sophie Marcoux was a temporary replacement in the position of Coordinator of Communication and Promotion of Recreation and Community services, Culture and Tourism but will become permanent effective August 29, 2022. 

Next meeting: Monday December 6, 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome

Budget meeting: December 20, 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome