West Bolton Council Meeting: April 2017

The mayor and all councillors were present except Jacques Drolet and Lindsay Tuer. There were nine residents in attendance.

Questions – Since an agreement in December with the Pettes Memorial Library in Knowlton, 62 West Bolton residents have taken out memberships at the library. West Bolton has begun the annual spring repair of ditches and roads but residents should expect roads to be soft and challenging until frost heaving is over in late May. The town has taken steps to chase away the large number of bats in the attic at Town Hall which have lived there for years. A resident kindly offered to build four bat houses for the town to encourage them to return as their presence is most beneficial.

Urbanism – Six permits were issued at a value of $38,000. Two inspections were completed and three infraction notices and a $1000 fine issued. A small piece of land on Spicer Road belong- ing to the town was sold to a neighbour for $800.

Administration – A mandate has been awarded to a recruitment firm to hire a Director General/ Secretary General. Town Council voted to support an application by Internet Haut Richelieu, a non-profit organization working with the MRC, for provincial and federal grants to install fibre optic cable to deliver high-speed internet service to every household in West Bolton. Council also voted to support a Lac Brome initiative to secure a public parking area near Exit 90 to encourage car-pooling. A contract worth $86,550 was awarded to DJL Inc. for gravel.

Fire report – Fire fighters responded in February to a fire on a hydro pole on Mizener Road. Cost was $1920. They also responded to a false alarm and a tripped alarm, at different addresses both on Brill Road, for a total cost of $3,790.

Mount Foster – Negotiations continue with the developers of Mount Foster. The town is seeking to secure public access to the lookout tower on the summit essentially in exchange for its support of a change of rules that would allow developers to build a road to two housing lots that have already been sold.

Next meeting: Saturday, May 6 at 9.30 a.m. at the Town Hall

From Town minutes