RIP swimming pool

It is now official. TBL will not get a swimming pool, not in the foreseeable future anyway. It is unfortunate that such a unique project was turned down by the Federal Provincial Infrastructure Program.

The CARKE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to funding leisure and community projects in TBL, was ready to fund half the cost of the pool, the infrastructure pro- gram was to pay for the other half. It is the CARKE Foundation that successfully fundraised for half the cost of TBL’s Community Centre.

Now that the pool project is abandoned, the Foundation has some funds – estimated at around $1M – possibly available for another community project. There are ideas on the table but a process has to be established first. There needs to be a large consensus before any action is undertaken.

Tempo supports the idea that the town buy some lakefront property so that the lake is more accessible to all citizens. The CARKE Foundation expressed a similar wish in the past and could consider funding such an acquisition and give it to the town. This remains a Tempo priority.