Can you believe: March 2018

• Imagine arriving home from a vacation in the Dominican Republic, all bronzed and relaxed, going to unpack your red suitcase and discovering that it was not your piece of luggage. Panic strikes, tension returns and you suffer a feeling of guilt that some poor passenger is fretting about her lost or stolen bag. The name and address of the suitcase’s owner revealed that she lived on the south shore but all attempts to unearth her telephone number via ‘reverse look up’, the yellow pages or Facebook were to no avail.

The normal procedure is that the errant bag has to be returned to the airport by the owner, (the unwitting thief), of the abandoned suitcase with his/her passport. Only then can the missing valise be repossessed and passed through customs. However, it was agreed by the airline to enable the exchange of telephone numbers so that the two parties could converse and the errant red suitcase be driven to its rightful and very happy owner. Otherwise, she would have had to return to the airport to retrieve her bag. Apparently, all her jewellery was in the lost luggage and she learned a very valuable lesson that, if you travel with jewels they should be in your hand luggage. Following the bag’s return, the airline was advised and the lost luggage was able to be claimed at the airport. There are so many ‘look-alike’ bags out there that it is well worth taking the extra time to properly identify your bag.

• A much-loved camel at the local petting zoo had stones in his bladder and, since they could not be dissolved, he had to go through a complex operation. It was imperative that he recuperate in a quiet and warm environment and Susan Mason came to the rescue by boarding him in a box stall in her barn. Doug, the camel, is recovering well and word has it that Susan will be sorry to see him leave as he has been such a delightful guest.