Can you believe: May 2018

This column was first started in September 2005 to give readers a chance to contribute to Tempo. Interesting, weird and wonderful “happenings” often come to our attention and over the years we have appreciated your input. Please keep giving Tempo your ideas and experiences, at: 450-242-2400 or in order that we can keep the column going.

• A couple of years ago, Tempo’s April Fools story involved a proposed marijuana grow op in the old IGA store on Knowlton Road. Fiction has seemingly morphed into truth since a grow op is slated to be opened on Airport Road in Mansonville. The land has been purchased and permits acquired. Now it is just a question of waiting for the legalization of marijuana to come into effect.

• A venerable lady went shopping in the local IGA, returned to her car with her bag of groceries and drove home. Her son greeted her at the door with an astounded look on his face as he realized that his mother was not in her own car. It quickly became obvious that there was indeed a stranger’s handbag in the back seat and this must have contained the key fob for the “keyless” car. Hence the reason that the car started at the push of the starter knob and the mistake was so easily made. Mother and son quickly drove back to the IGA to find two police cars waiting with the owner of the “stolen” vehicle. Explanations were given and, after looking at the driver’s license of the unwitting guilty culprit, apologies were exchanged and no charges were laid. It shows how easily a car can mistakenly be driven away or stolen if someone leaves their keys in an unlocked car.

• In a similar incident, three women rented a car in Florida and parked it outside their hotel for the night. The next morning, they met at the car to go shopping. One of them was already sitting in the back seat and another had opened the passenger door when a man appeared with a smile on his face and said: “Thank you pretty ladies but you are in the wrong car.”