Can you believe

Two young sisters were cuddling their brand-new tiny kitten in the back seat of the car on their way home. However, it was a beautiful day and their parents
decided to stop to visit some friends and take a short walk to Brome Lake. The girls carefully placed their new little pet in a card- board box and their father lowered the window just enough for the kitty to have fresh air but not so wide as to be able to escape. After the brief walk, the family prepared to drive home but when they opened the car door there was no kitten in the box. In spite of a thorough search, no kitten was found either inside or outside the car. The father even searched the motor remembering that animals sometimes hide there. No kitten.

With heavy hearts and a few tears, the family left for their home in Mansonville and their hosts put out a pan of food, hoping to lure the kitten. No kitten showed up. That night the hosts’ phone rang. Surprisingly the kitten had made the trip home from Knowlton, presumably curled up in the engine. A happy ending for kitty, the new owners and their friends.

A certain Knowlton resident was woken in the middle of the night by her dog who needed to go outside. She was hoping that he would find the closest bush and be quick about it so she could get back to bed but, unfortunately, the dog took off around the side of the house. Despite the fact that she was scantily dressed in a very diaphanous nightie, the woman went out into the yard to find the dog. At that very moment a car pulled into the driveway. It was her 19-year-old son being dropped off by his friends after a party. Not wanting to embarrass her son the lady ran around the side of the house, found the dog and waited for the car to leave. When the lady went to go back into the house she found that her son had locked the front door. The lad had the fright of his life when he saw a ghostly apparition knocking at the window.