West Bolton Council – September 2019

The mayor and council, except C. Briggs, were present, plus four residents.

The mayor noted that the MRC Mayor’s Meeting has given unanimous approval to a motion to publish all legal notices in local newspapers to ensure better communication with residents and support local newspapers.

Meet Your Neighbour Day was a great success. Thanks to all involved in the organization.

Questions – A resident brought a ‘Chinese Lantern’ to the meeting. It was found on the ground adjacent to a house. These lanterns are made of light paper and soar into the air like hot air balloons when the heat-source is lit. Perhaps this is not a good idea in a forested area. The TBL Fire Department will be asked for an opinion on whether these should be allowed or forbidden except during winter.

Mt Foster – The developers continue to work with the provincial authorities.

Urbanism – The regular renewal of the Consultative Committee on Urbanism (CCU) will take place in November. Residents who wish to join the committee should submit their names to Town Hall by October 20.

Administration – Employment contracts for municipal staff now index salary to the cost of living. Salaries for the mayor ($6000) and councillors ($2000) also include an allowance for expenses. Training sessions on environmental protection and land use planning for the Municipal Inspector were approved. The MRC motion on welcoming immigrants was approved.

Errata – The report on the August meeting of council mistakenly noted that “one of the staff at the Town Hall has resigned due to ill health.” No reason for the end-of-employment agreement was given and no names were mentioned.

Roads – The Quebec Ministry of Transport has confirmed that West Bolton will receive a road repair subsidy of $390,000.

Environment – West Bolton has agreed to join the “Bee City” movement. This Land Management Collective plans to have 250 bee hives.

Next Meeting: Monday, October 7, at 7:30 p.m.