West Bolton Council – October 2019

Gail Watt

The mayor and all councillors were present, plus nine residents.
A wave of vandalism hit West Bolton, with many road signs defaced with black paint; many garbage/recycling bins broken and thrown in ditches plus some Federal Election posters ruined also. Sadly, it is taxpayers who will be the ones covering the costs of restoring things back to normal.

Roads – Work is being done on Mountain, Summit, Lakeview and Mizener, with work soon to start on Foster Road (totalling some $1.4M) still awaiting receipt of confirmed Government subsidies. Major work on chemin Paramount is planned for next year. A culvert was replaced on Brill Road (near 399), and also a culvert at Du Vallon and Paramount. Ditching on the west side of Paramount from Du Vallon to Glenview will be enlarged.

Public Security – October 6 to 12 was ‘Fire Prevention Week’ so a reminder to change your batteries in your smoke alarms and check your fire exits, fire extinguishers etc.

Environment – In your recycling bin, everything must be loose (en vrac). Do not put stuff in large blue bags. Anything that you put in a large blue bag will be considered by the automatic sorting machine as garbage.

Publisacs, love them or hate them, but when recycling them the paper flyers must be removed from the plastic bag. The paper flyers go loose in the bin and the plastic bag goes in your ‘plastic bag of plastic bags’. Otherwise it all goes in the garbage!

Next meeting: Monday, November 4th at 7:30 p.m.