West Bolton Council Meeting: November 2019

The mayor and council were present, plus eight residents. The town hall was powered by a generator.

The mayor noted that there had been a lot of expensive damage to trees and roads during the storm. Many people lost electricity. Municipal staff were successful in dealing with most emergencies, particularly John Rhicard who cut many broken trees to clear the roads.

Questions – Repaving of the Foster Rd may be delayed, a culvert must be replaced due to erosion.

Mt Foster – Appalachian Corridor Appalachien has launched a funding campaign to raise the remaining money required to complete the purchase of land for a 217 ha nature reserve on Mt Foster. The mayor and council asked all residents to support this campaign. Please make a contribution before Dec 15.

Urbanism – Four vacant positions on the Urbanism Committee were filled.

Administration – Denis Vaillancourt was appointed Pro-Mayor until Oct 31, 2020.

Roads – Emergency repairs were completed on culverts on Stagecoach and Mason roads.

Public Safety – The new Public Safety Plan developed by the TBL Fire Department, a consultant and West Bolton municipal staff was adopted. It will be reviewed annually.

Three members of Council were appointed to the inter-municipal Board that will monitor repairs and improvements to the Montreal Farnham Sherbrooke railway line.

Next regular meeting: Monday, December 2 at 7:30 p.m.