West Bolton Council Meeting: February 2020

All members of the council and seven residents were present.

Poor sorting of garbage, compost and material for recycling has caused a 10% increase in costs of collection and disposal of refuse. The next info-letter sent to residents will include Sani-Eco’s list of materials to be placed in compost and recycling bins. Mayor Drolet asks all residents to read and follow the sorting instructions.

The regulations covering short-term rentals (Airbnb) will soon be completed. Permits will be required. Application for an annual permit will cost $500 and will include an inspection of the house. Infractions and continuing complaints about noise and trespassing on neighbouring property will incur fines and cancellation of permits.

Mt. Foster – An agreement covering insurance for public liability and access to roads and public lands on Mt. Foster has been finalized. Some restrictions on ATVs and skidoos will be imposed. Signs will be placed at points of entry to inform visitors of the regulations.

Report on water quality – Councillor Vaillancourt reported that for five years West Bolton has used the IDEC system to evaluate water quality based on the number and species of diatoms in the water. Watercourses were tested in six locations: Quilliams, McLaughlin, Coldbrook, Stagecoach north branch. All showed general improvement in water quality. Quilliams Creek, the largest watercourse flowing into the Lake, showed strong general improvement over the 5-year period. Full report on the municipal website. West Bolton will support the water-quality conservation objectives in the the Yamaska River Watershed and the Wood Turtle population recovery program. Both programs require careful conservation of riparian zones along watercourses in the municipality. The MRC Land Use Plan (Schema d’amenagement) will be reviewed and revised in 2020. Consultation meetings will be scheduled. The recreation agreement with Waterloo will not be renewed due to very low use by West Bolton residents. If you have not registered for notification of emergencies please call Town Hall and register without delay. The mayor will participate in a regional rail safety meeting in Lac-Megantic.

Next meeting: March 9, 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall