Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting : June 2020

From TBL minutes

For the third consecutive month, the meeting took place behind closed doors. A video recording is available on TBL’s website

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors except Ron Myles.

Questions – (previously submitted in writing)

A citizen asked when a speed indicator will be installed on Victoria? The mayor says in a few days.

Another citizen complained of the excessive stone crushing behind the Foster tourism office. There was also dynamiting. A permit was given to GAL for this work said the mayor who also said the surplus stones would be dealt with.

A citizen asked the town to enforce the bylaws regarding pesticides spread by ABC gestion parasitaire. The Director General said that pesticides are not allowed on the territory and that the company was not authorized to operate in TBL. The town will inquire.

Administration – Council voted a sum of $23,112 for a play module at Douglass Beach. A contract for $786,290 was granted to Roger Dion & Fils for crushed stone for Stagecoach Rd. A security guard will enforce safety regulations at Douglass Beach this summer at a cost of $1802 a week, 7 days a week for 14 weeks.

This security guard will survey the grounds and control access to the beach for residents only. He will also ensure social distancing. The security guard will have the power to expel any person who disregards the town’s or Quebec’s laws and regulations.

A sum of $500,000 was allocated for the renewal of the town centre. A similar amount will be invested in the reconstruction of roads. TBL announced a budgetary surplus of $1M in 2019, mainly from the welcome tax.

Council voted a $340,000 borrowing bylaw to finance a new section of the West Brome sewage system.

Recreation, Culture & Community Life – A sum of $7,500 was given to Ecole St-Édouard for various activities. Council supports the Club de la Bonne Humeur’s request for air conditioning in the Prouty Room.

Local economy, tourism – Council asked the minister of Transport to maintain local services for vehicle registration. The Cowansville SAAQ’s office was closed because of the pandemic.

Next meeting: Monday, July 6.  See Town’s website for more details.