A country road trip

Most are familiar with the centre of Knowlton, the lake, Douglass Beach. This is the heart of the village.

Less well known, unless one lives there, are the hundreds of kilometres of country roads that run through the municipality. Take a look at West Brome for example. Leaving from what the locals call Gilman’s Corner (intersection of highways 104 and 139) in West Brome, you will discover a lovely countryside nestled amongst the prettiest vistas of the region.

First things first. An ice cream at the Halte West Brome is a must. Then take highway 139 towards Sutton.

Auberge West Brome will beckon shortly on your right, you may want to stop or make a reservation for lunch or dinner at the bistro.

A few metres away, you will see the white steeple of the Ascension Church; one of these buildings so typical of the Eastern Townships and New England. Take a left on McCurdy Rd. Immediately on your left, a stop at Sykes & McGee, the antique store will charm you. Merely a few steps away, you will be standing in front of Edwards General Store, one of Quebec’s oldest built in 1858. It is one of the most important provider of farm animal feed. We are in rural Town of Brome Lake after all! Inside, the store has kept its 19th century look.

Back to the car now, cross the 139 and drive on what becomes Scott Road. Not too fast. You do not want to miss – on your right – one of the rare original round barns of the region. Legend has it that this way, the devil could not hide in the corners!

Keep on going on Scott Road until you hit the 104 again. Turn right to get back to Knowlton. On the way, you may want to make a left on the 215, and take Brome Road towards Fulford.

A stop at Léon Courville winery is a must. The view of the lake from there is unique. A stop at the Les Argousiers du Lac-Brome farm nearby on Fairmount completes the trip.