Love of antiques

Walking the main streets of the village of Knowlton, it is plain to see that antiques and vintage articles and décor have been and are still a way of life around here. The place is steeped in history and its many ‘antiquaires’ reflect the love people have for beautiful old things.

Along Knowlton and Lakeside roads, you will find many stores offering typical old pine furniture, and some more recent, or that piece of porcelain that will give style to your dining room or kitchen. You will also find people in the know who can provide good and enthusiastic advice.

Antiquité Lebel Objet, les Belles Choses, Antiquités Brian Davies are just a few of those dedicated people who will want to share their passion for what they know and what they love.

Some boutiques can also be found outside of Knowlton such as Sykes & McGee or Le Relais du meuble. Both are located in West Brome.

Most are open during regular business hours but always good to check at before you go.