West Bolton Council Meeting: October 2020

The mayor and all councillors were present by Zoom.

Opening Statement – The Estrie health region has been declared an Orange Zone. The government requests that you not travel between zones. The second wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic was more deadly than the first wave. West Bolton has had no new COVID-19 cases since April. Please follow the health rules. Register for a flu shot at the CLSC or your local pharmacy. It is Fire Prevention Week. Check your smoke detectors. Get the chimney swept.

Question Period – Several residents protested the extension of the Sintra gravel pit permit on Bailey Road due to noise, traffic, dust, potential depth of excavation and failure to respect municipal working hours. Blount Cemetery needs protection. A request for the municipality to assume responsibility for road maintenance in the Mt Gauvin area is still under consideration.

Urbanism – Twenty five requests for permits with a value of $145,000 were received. Six new houses were built in 2019 but none in 2020. Applications for short-term tourist rental permits; one for a house on Brill was approved, and one for a house on Glenview was refused.

Roads – The repair and repaving of Foster Rd. was inspected and approved; payment was authorized.

Public Health & Safety – West Bolton will join TBL in providing extra equipment required due to COVID-19 for the two primary schools in Knowlton. Grants of $1000 to each school were approved. Mrs. Storks will assume responsibility for co-ordination of public safety.

Residents of West Bolton over the age of 70 and with limited travel ability can order delivery of groceries by telephone or online at the Metro in Waterloo. Order on Tuesday and receive delivery on Wednesday or Thursday. Contact Town Hall for details.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 2, 7:30 p.m.