West Bolton Council Meeting – May 2021

All councillors and the mayor were present by Zoom.

Mayor’s message – Get your vaccine shots and continue to be careful. Council will survey public opinion on the future of St Andrew’s Church on Tuer Road. November 7 is municipal Election Day; permanent residents can register as candidates before September. Information is available from the town hall. The bridge on Bailey Road, near the Duboyce cemetery, will undergo major repairs starting soon; detours will be required. The auditor presented the year-end financial report. It will be on the town website.
Question Period – Short-term rentals may change the relationships between nearby neighbours.
Urbanism – Nineteen permits were issued in April with a value of approx $900,000, including one new house. Five new houses have been approved in 2021. Short-term rental permits were approved for houses on Bailey Road and Bolton Pass. The application for a 10-year renewal for a gravel pit at 10 Bailey Road was approved. Due to a lack of information, a decision on an application to increase the area to be cleared for a new house from 1500 to 2000 sq. meters, will be delayed until the next meeting of council. 

Administration – There is a summer internship position open for an administrative assistant. 36 hours per week at $17/hr. Apply at town hall. 

Environment – Council is examining additional ways to protect the quality of ground water. 

Next meeting: Monday, June 7th at 7:30 p.m.